The days of Jester, the days of Joy
The days that passed, the days that will rise
The days of nostalgia, the days of anticipation
The days of music in multiple shades

The Jesterdays were formed in Thessaloniki in 2009. They are experimenting on projects based on art rock, indie folk and dark wave music. Their first independently recorded album “All the kings and queens are dead, finally…”, is released since December 2011. On October 2014 they released a CD single called “Bolt Upright” distributed by Nub country records (UK).On November 2015 they released a project album with st Atom Heart called “A night within a day”. Their third album ”Jestress” released on May 2016.

The Jesterdays proudly shared the stage with Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross, Stefan Schwerdtfeger – Big sleep, Steve Wynn, In Gowan Ring, Dorena , New Zero God, Mani Deum, Minor Mine, Lazy Aftershow, Ledge Fortcher, Jane Do, Samsa the Vermin, Dayend, st Atom Heart, One Man Drop and many more.


Achilles Ziogas: Vocals
Dimitris Pistikoudis: Guitar
Thanasis Tsigros: Bass Guitar
Dimitris Rombos: Drums
Alekos Panagopoulos: Tenor Sax
Lyrics by Aza

Past members :
Chrysanthi Tzortzoglou : Vocals
Olga Katsenidou : Vocals
Dimos Vryzas (unshaped ahead) : Violin
Bill Giannousis : Keyboards
Aza : Bass Guitar


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