During the years 2008-2009 IDVex has create the “Lothron” band in Florina Greece, with collaboration of other musicians recorded the two songs “The Whisper of the Sea” and ” The Resemblance of Inexistence”. Under the lack of find band members the project has stopped. Ιn the winter of 2013 IDVex started a music project as an one woman band which was influenced by the fields of Black Metal, Doom ,Drone, Ambient, Noise, Experimental and Avant-Garde under the name “1/2 Southern North” (read: half southern north).

Demos 2013-2014: (Digital demos on bandcamp)
– “d.1”
– “Noise the Ether John” (Dedicated to Iannis Xenakis music)
– “Lothron”

Τhese 3 digital demo albums released by MercyfulHell Productions (Lima / Peru) as an experimental music anthology/compilation (CD & tape) during the fall of 2014 .
After that movement the compositions of 1/2SN would like to follow a more doom/black metal path as it was to become but experimentations and slow tempo music stills be the first material.

January 2016 :
Split Album with the experimental noise project E.A.R.S (Athens) by Deathforce Aposynthesis Records (Athens).

May 2016:
“Cantabile of Hades (Rivers of the Underworld)” 3 track digital album on bandcamp.

September 2016 :
“Thanatophobia” split album with S.I.R.S (Poland) by CVLMINIS label (Russia).