40 Steps under is a Greek alternative rock band with English lyrics from Arta, which was formed in September 2013.

Today the band is made up of Aris Tsigaridas lead vocals-guitar, Tasos Rizos bass, Stelios Petrakis guitar, Lambros Pihas drums and the members of the group can be found in the studio, where they are recording a demo, which consists of at least five songs, while at the same time they are giving live performances all over Greece.

In May 2017 they released their first video clip with the song ”fall’’, which was produced by their close friend Antonis Mikrovas. The recording of”fall’’ was undertaken by Heart Work Music Productions in Arta in April of the same year.

The idea for the group was born in Arta one night while Lambros and Aris were drinking and joking in a bar called ’’Joker’’ in early 2012. A year later they took the plunge and the four guys Aris Tsigaridas, Lambros Pihas, Tasos Rizos and Dimitris Fotis, who have known each other since their school days, rented a small place in the centre of the town, which was formerly a canteen and set up there, their studio.

There they started their rehearsals in the style of alternative rock, dark wave and psychedelic rock adapting songs from bands that had influenced them musically, such as Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Arctic Monkeys, The Cure, 22 20s, Black Keys etc.

The idea for the name 40 steps under comes from the 40 steps needed to descend from the door to the studio canteen.

About a year later at the end of 2014 they started writing their first songs, two of which ’’Asking you’’ and ’’Crossing this road’’ were performed for the first time in front of an audience in August 2015 at their first live show in Rodavgi, Arta.

In November 2015 a new member, guitarist Stelios Petrakis, joined the band.

In July 2016 they played at Kio Fest with their new line-up performing another three new songs, ’’Before the sun ’’, ’’Never’’ and ’’Standstill’’ while in April 2017 Dimitris Fotis left the band.