Elinna is a young singer/songwriter that is influenced by rock and blues music.

She has been part of several bands in her hometown as the lead singer. Through the years she started focusing more on writing her own songs and she has gone through many experimentations with her music and lyrics in order to find what truly defines her. Her songs  are influenced by genres such as alternative rock/indie/pop/rock and artists such as Kings of Leon, Kaleo, Stereophonics, Daughter, Hozier etc. Elinna first started working with John Jeff Touch, the producer of WA Records, on the release of her first album in autumn 2016. Her debut album is a combination of alternative rock and blues sounds. Elinna’s Maxi single is released on October 28th 2016 by WA Records, including three songs from the full album which is released in December 2016.


Band members :
Giannis Petrovitsios : Guitar
Chris Solakis : Bass Guitar
George Chiohlas : Drums