Formed in 2005, Empty Frame have become one of the most talked-about bands of the Alternative Greek scene. They ‘ve played some of the most prominent venues in Athens (Kyttaro, An club, Gagarin 205), taken part in several festivals and have supported international acts such as Sivert Hoyem, Woven Hand and Sieben. Their live shows have gotten them great reviews and a lot of attention. It’s difficult to attach a certain genre to Empty Frame. The use of classical instruments like cello, violin and piano are juxtaposed with hard rock guitars, drum and bass and their song instrumentation ranges from lyrical to intense and from playful to atmospheric. The bands’ influences include Tom Waits, The Beatles, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Queens Of The Stone Age, Mark Lanegan, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Andrew Bird, the Tindersticks, Love and many more diverse artists combined in a fearless and experimental way to produce a unique result.


The group’s first demo, entitled “Take Over The City” recorded in 2007 got them a lot of airplay on the greek radio and press recognition. Their debut album “They Think We Are Eskimos” was released on April 2011 from Legend Records and was met with great enthusiasm by fans and critics alike. In the spring of 2014 the band embarked on a new musical journey after releasing their long awaited second album entitled “The Blackbird Flies”. Again it was met with remarkable review establishing the Empty Frame as one of the best bands in the Greek alternative scene with a distinguished pioneering sound. Empty Frame have also composed and recorded the original soundtrack and score of the Greek TV series “Heroines” (ηρωίδες). In 2015 they collaborated with the “Still Pilgrim Paradox” dance group and presented the soundtrack to the dance performance “Hands/Χέρια” live. Later that year the soundtrack was recorded and released digitally.

Current Band Members:

Antonis Vavagiannis – Guitars, Piano, Vocals
Panagiotis Fetsis – Bass, Vocals
Christos Kallimanis – Guitars
Babis Vassiliadis – Drums, Percussion
Nikos Solomos – Violin
Kate Pantzari – Cello