Their project started on December 13, 2013, when two friends decided to have a jam session which led to our former band called “Fili”. Slowly, progress was made, and things got increasingly interesting.
The first two members, David Alex and Shant, decided to elevate the style of their music and produce their own unique material. After many performances as a duo, or a trio with vocals, Arek joined the band and everything solidified itself; the band’s early works were rethought, rewritten, and rearranged. His contributions influenced the band more so, as new pieces were born. As time passed the three wanted to solidify their appearance and share their music to a broader audience than those that could attend the occasional concerts. So, it was decided, the summer of 2017 would be the band’s milestone. They would record their first album and, to further mirror their style of music, they would change the band’s name from Fili to Noa Is.
The band is cunningly transgressing through the folk, jazz, progressive, and post-rock genres. Their distinct sound has been created as part of the musical journey that these individuals have chosen to take.