In April 2014, One Man Drop started off as a side-project between four musicians who were already active with their respective bands in Athens music scene. Panos Angelothanassis (Guitar/Vocals) and Diamantis Kazouris (Guitar) were always in search for the ideal “vehicle” to “transfer” their music, having already experimented with their sound. Their acquintance with Nikos Giannoulis (Bass) and Elena Chatzipanagioti (Drums/percussion) created the ideal conditions for the formation of One Man Drop as a side project initially (due to their commitments with their respective bands), which finally turned into a full-time endeavor. In May 2014, One Man Drop recorded and produced 3 songs (One Hits One, With You, Just Me) which became the band’s first unofficial EP. These songs are to be found in their debut album released by the end of the year from Urban Sounds. Now playing as a trio, the band consists of the founding members (Panos, Nikos) and Fivos Flat (drums). Their sound is based on fuzz’d guitars, while their music has often been described as Neo-Psychedelic Rock n’ Roll/Garage!!!



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