Rumors is a greek band coming ,mostly, from really miserable places, those seaside and islandic ones, the ones that are near the sea, trying to make it’s members’ life less miserable, so they won’t try to commit suicide or become somekind of fishermen. It all started in a train in 2009 were the founding fathers of the band John and Panos agreed they would put an end to their strife and make something beautifull. After recruiting descent musicians, the Rumors started songwriting and gigging all around Greece. It was until that damned night of 2013, when Yiannis and Nana, the lead singer, “died”, when a Cessna plane crushed, into the band’s private yacht, destroying it, along with the bands dreams and hopes for a better future. Oh god, if it was ugly, all that blood, the screams, death and agony… This incident changed the band’s life forever, making them create new melodies going technical and other, really obscure, shit. Teo even stopped playing his guitar and took up the bass. Eventually a new singer by the name Fay, came all the way from Korea, and said, ok boys it’s time to fix this shit. Come on. So they’re back. Here they come.


Band Members :
Panos Dilgeris : (Guitar/bass)
Thanasis Zournis : (Keys)
Thodoris Dilgeris : (Guitar/bass)
Foivos Katsifloros : Drums)
Faey Aggelidou ; (Vocals)