Smokemachines iz a gathering of thoughts and memories… a solo project of mine.. HI!!! my name is Basilly born in 1978 my music trip starts in 1992 at the age of 14 as singer in punk bands doing english speaking covers influenced by artists like dead kennedys…and more. Then i took over the bass and found my self playing rap hardcore nu metal with some of my best friends…after that i got involved with the indie part of town wich gave more space to exprees my bass moodes…. ever since that i took part in numerus bands and acoustic set different styles and genres if you ask me i have no favorites i like them all thats why i got into them anyway… On 2015 i completed my first electronic attempt with my project The Smokemachines . This days also compose ambient music and music for commercial purposes.







Inertial Umbra is an ambient side project of the ‘’Smokemachines’’ Mostly based on hang drum sounds and soft guitar tunes.