Tasos Ritos was born and lives in Thessaloniki. He graduated from IEK Pythagoras, earning a Computer Networking Technician degree. He was an editorial board member of the Vakxikon.gr magazine from 2008 to 2012. Meanwhile, he was a frequent contributor to Vakxikon.blogspot.com. In 2008, his poems were included in the poetry anthology “Monodialogoi” published by Ash in Art. In the same year, his first collection of poems “O daimonas pou kryveis mesa sou” was published by Ash in Art publishing group in collaboration with Vakxikon.gr magazine. His poems and texts have been published in literary magazines. He has also participated in seminars and book presentations. Since 2010, he contributes to the www.apothessaloniki.gr portal.  From time to time, he collaborates with various internet radios as a producer. At a young age, he started playing the guitar and he experimented with various musical instruments. In 2005, he started rehearsing with band Pyrines, hailing from Rhodes. At the same time, he started collaborating professionally with music production companies and bands to support live performances. In 2010, he created his own recording studio named Blonde Home Studio, which hosts several artists, offering them a space for their recordings and rehearsals. In 2014, his second poetry collection titled “Mesa sto skotadi kryvetai to fos” was released by Vakxikon.gr publishing group. In 2014, his first booklet/CD album titled “Inside the darkness, hides the light” was released, in a collaboration with Faye Nasi. In 2017, he created Fog International, alongside Theodoros Petiropoulos (former member of the legendary International Comedy) and Giorgos Arzoglou (Fog Pilot). In 2017, he released his second CD album titled “Hidden Faces” in collaboration with Nikos Skretas and various musicians friends. Since 2018 he has been participating in the AZA records music collective. At the same time he was a founding member of the indie / folk band of the Fadin ‘Blues. In 2019 he released the CD single “I Still Remember” in collaboration with Faye Nasi.