Thanos and the Qualia is a band from Thessaloniki. They released their first album in the spring of 2018. They are currently perform live gigs and are preparing for the release of their second album next year. Thanos Saringelos is a song writer from Chalkidiki and currently lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. He conceived and composed most of the album ‘stagona01’ during 2014-2017. Then, he moved to Thessaloniki and searched for musicians with which he could bring ‘stagona01’ to life.

‘The Qualia’ is a band that was formed in Thessaloniki in 2017 in order to bring to life the album ‘stagona01’. Each of the members contributed their personal ideas and musical style to the album. The band consists of Dimitris Tsesmeloglou (Bass), Panos Topalidis (Drums) and Nikos Mouchalempis (Synth).