Unshaped_Ahead is the music project of Dimos Vryzas, violin player from Greece/Thessaloniki.
The project is based on minimal melodies, loops and samples/storytelling.
Improvisation, creation of ambient atmosphere, noise sounds are also featured in the project.

With violin as the main instrument, and the addition of a monophonic synthesizer, the tracks are built with live loops. Most of the times in the songs i put samples, stories that come from friends of different nationalities recorded by me. The songs in the live performances  are not the same due to the unpredictable fact of live-looping that changes the concert every time in a different way. Ambient atmosphere and noise sounds are essential in the live concerts. The rhythm is not a major factor of the project. The stories are changing every time, a story does not belong in a specific song, new narrations are added all the time because new people record their stories for the project.
The first album was released on February 2015 and is available on Bandcamp for free download because music is something that does not have to do anything with labels and prices especially when it comes to a diy project. The album was recorded and mastered by me with the valuable help of close friends.
Unshaped_Ahead is an anti-commercial diy project that aims and  participates in collective actions. The concerts are taking place mainly in squads, collectives or in general  places that the exploitation of people is an unknown thing. For the survival of the project(equipment, space for rehearsals etc.) Unshaped_Ahead’s concerts can take place in a bar or a stage but only if the owner of the place respects the musicians and does not aim making profit against them.
The project was created in August 2013. The first live was held in Thessaloniki. From January 2014 until August Unshaped_Ahead moved to Lisbon and had a lot of concerts in Portugal.
In October 2014 Unshaped_Ahead made a tour in Germany for 10 days playing gigs in 4 different cities(Berlin, Hamburg, Flensburg, Bremen).
In May 2015, Unshaped_Ahead collaborated and shot a live performance with a Spanish graphic designer of Zaragoza that made animations for the tracks of the project, in June the project made a tour in Spain playing several gigs in 3 cities(Barcelona, Bilbao, Zaragoza).
From August 2014 until now the project is back in Thessaloniki ,making lives in different places and cities of Greece while searching constantly new places abroad to make tours and meet new people.


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